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Shandong is a big province for eating insects in China. Most of the people here will eat some insects on weekdays. Eating insects may not be the one they love to eat, nor the hunters that eat the taste of the mountains and seas, but the edible insects are rich. Containing extremely high protein and rich nutrition, for Shandong fellow, insects can be said to be a nutrient.
Bean worm, I have seen videos and pictures of eating it many times, or the first time I want to stuff it into my mouth. I always worry that there will be juice bursting out, but its okay, outside.
Cocoon is actually acceptable to most people. Dry cocoon is the favorite of the dean. Friendly suggestion: The black part of the cocoon cannot be eaten.
This should be the legendary golden dragonfly, the taste is very good, there is chewing, it is not the Tang Yan meat.
Actually, the taste of the worm is still good, especially after frying. Basically, it is no different from small snacks. It would be a pity if you dont feel a banquet in Shandong.
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