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트립 모먼트

산동,추천 트립 모먼트
산동,추천 트립 모먼트
Hurry, I miss you very much. Located at No. 64 Longtou Road, the price is clearly marked, the large bowl is real, and the location is spacious and not crowded.
The store is full of youthful literary atmosphere, freedom is to go where you want to go, meet people you like. There is a classroom area at the entrance, and each desk is equipped with textbooks and school uniforms. It is also interesting to learn every day. The seemingly inadvertent blackboard poster behind the classroom is also interesting. Its also very interesting to put on a school uniform and recall a few photos of the lush years of the student era.
warm heart fresh fat beef noodles
store's signature is fresh series, there are signs, sand tea, warm heart and snow four, warm heart fresh glutinous beef noodles as the name suggests is the fat cow, with The difference between the fat beef noodles is that the signature fresh squid beef noodles are made from burdock meat, which is the difference between different parts of beef. Beef is a freshly sourced yellow beef every day. When you are on the table, you are really shocked and shoulder-to-shoulder. The sorghum soup, which is made from beef bones, beef and angelica, is topped with fresh and chunky beef. The texture of the beef is very good. Its tempting to watch the beef grow darker and fuller. The meat is cut to a moderate thickness and tastes fresh and enjoyable. The face is Q tough and strong, with Shanghai green and broccoli, with a vegetarian diet, balanced nutrition.
산동,추천 트립 모먼트
산동,추천 트립 모먼트
디이 시장(제일 시장)
The overtime dog that sacrificed the three-day holiday of the Ching Ming Festival has finally ushered in the spring. Even after 7 days of vacation, I feel that I am flying fast, and the ticket from Sanya to Sanya is really the price of cabbage. Hey. In addition to Sanya tourism, this first meal must eat food, it is naturally a seafood dinner, after going to the first market to buy good seafood (must shop around), come to this friend recommended this sister fragrance Seafood processing shop, processing fees for all types of seafood are clearly marked, the price is explained after the scale, the price displayed by the small ticket is also clear at a glance, eat seafood anti-pit anti-slaughter cheats successfully get~! Spicy and delicious crab tastes so delicious that there is nothing to say, a piece of crab, full of meat and fat, every bite is a great satisfaction, the soup is spicy and delicious, the crab meat is fat and strong, the cream is yellow and delicate. I only feel that the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the taste is tangy. Before we were at home, eating crabs was generally steamed, but this time, Lins approach really made me feel refreshed. The white-boiled shrimps retain the original flavor of the shrimps to the utmost extent. The shrimps are fresh and firm and very Q-bomb. The saltiness is moderate. After eating, I feel a little sweet in my mouth. Perhaps this is eating seafood in Sanya. The difference between us in the north. Later, the waiter Xiaomei told me that the local shrimp is different from the unique sweet taste of the common shrimp. I think this should be due to the good scenery of Sanya. The garlic is oysters, the meat is very chewy, and the faint garlic scent is just right. It does not steal the umami taste of the oyster itself.
산동,추천 트립 모먼트
산동,추천 트립 모먼트
신주쿠 교엔
산동,추천 트립 모먼트
산넨자카 니넨자카
산동,추천 트립 모먼트
Gourmet Detective Shop|Guangzhou City Center to find a place, drink wine saws and see the ball blowing water can not be less
Recommended: self-brewed beer shrimp oil Haihuang fried rice burning asparagus
decoration: in black The tone, the fan-style decoration, the desk lamp on each table, the atmosphere of drinking and watching the ball should be good, and friends and relatives can chat.
: There are two models, one wheat white beer, one black lager. I tried the black lager, the degree is low, the bitter taste is balanced, the entrance is easy, the malt tastes outstanding, it is fresh and refreshing, and there is coffee aroma and unisex.
: Closer to Cantonese fried rice, the so-called Haihuang, in addition to shrimp, crab, crab, crab and other physical seafood, the most important point, fried rice was added to the torn to nearly The invisible fried scallop silk, so the rice really has the taste of the sea.
: I personally think the most delicious dish, first of all, the asparagus is very good, very thick, the asparagus is very crispy, no slag, the fire is well mastered, the asparagus is just cooked, but there is no The grass is very sweet and very sweet.
Steak: Check out the skills of a Western food, order a five-boiled steak. Today's five mature steaks are made into 70% or even 80%. Although the meat quality is OK, basically I think it is done. But the dish is not bad, the French fries are fried sweet potatoes, very special.
Restaurant: Tipsy, near Wuyang New Town Subway Station
Fees: 120 yuan per person per hour
Disadvantages: 1. There are a lot of waiters in the store, but the service is not positive, there is a kind of boss given I have a little money, I just come to stand and let go of it." 2, the environment is a bit noisy. 3, the venue is not smoking or partition, nose sensitive and careful.
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