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센다이,추천 트립 모먼트
My first impression of Sendai was probably because of the "Golden Dreams" of the Shuya people. "Rock, it is a very simple matter", travel is the same. The Yaren was poor in the film and only escaped. His image was really in line with the temperament of the film, and Sendai Station appeared as a background and became the opening of the film. Sendai Station, the opening scene of "Golden Dreams" is here, Qingliu Yachun met Morita Mori, who has not seen for many years, and the story begins with a strange dialogue in Morita. When I went to Sendai, it was night. When I went to the hotel to put down my luggage, I was so excited that I ran to the banyan tree lane of Dingchan Temple. Here is a bronze statue of Greco, which is quite a bit of an outdoor art gallery atmosphere. The reason why I came here when I arrived in Sendai was that the Prime Minister of the Golden Dreams was murdered here by the explosion. The life and death of the uncle was unveiled on this boulevard. I really don't want to spoil the movie about this suspenseful movie. I would like to be a singer and not just a cute image in this movie. Sendai, the largest city in the Tohoku region of Japan, is definitely more than just a movie location. The historical Sendai ancestor was the Yi Dazheng, who first built the city here and laid the foundation of the city street in Sendai. Ida Masahiro began to build a city in 1600, and then continued to implement new plans for urban construction design and development. At that time, Sendai was very prosperous, and the Spanish envoys described the situation at that time - people from north to south were coming and going, better than Edo (Tokyo). Sendai may not be too many amazing, and there are not many stories. As the largest city in northeastern Japan, the charm of Sendai is not only this, but there is also a lot of places worth staying in Miyagi Prefecture. If there is time, it is really slow. Walk ~
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