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The proboscis monkey and fireflies tour mangroves in the mangrove forests refer to the coastal evergreen shrubs and small tree communities. Their roots are developed and can grow in the sea. The most special place in the mangrove forest in Semporna should be able to see the proboscis monkey. Proboscis monkeys are endemic to Borneo in Southeast Asia. Their noses are surprisingly large. Male monkeys grow bigger and bigger as they age, and finally form a large red nose like eggplant. Our boat is driving slowly, everyone is quietly looking for proboscis monkeys. From time to time, I heard the sound of the branches breaking in the woods on the shore, and then I turned around and looked around. After seeing some long-tailed monkeys, I finally met the proboscis monkey! It looked at us on the shore, and the boat went a little closer to the depths of the woods. A closer look reveals that the nose is particularly long and the monkey is short. Back to the pier After dinner, I will set off the mangroves again to see the fireflies. Dinner is not bad, there are chicken legs, there are abalone, but the number is limited, so feed according to the amount, do not waste cockroaches. The mangroves after the sun sets, showing its beauty unlike the daytime. Although it is dark in the surroundings, it is a starry sky when you look up. If you stare at it for a while, you will find a meteor. Because there is no light pollution away from the city, the fireflies in the woods on the shore are easy to see. The crew will also use a special fluorescent light to attract them to the ship. When they fly over, it is like a small star, falling on your hair and shoulders, very romantic.
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