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In Seattle, enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy a lazy and slow life. Seattle has always been beautiful and rainy in my impressions. When I was young, I saw [Sleepless in Seattle] and fell in love with Meg Ryan and the small bookstore on the corner of the street. When I watched the American TV series [Grey's Anatomy], I liked Dr. Grey, who was full of heart and heart. At the same time, Seattle's landmark space needle tower was deeply deep in my mind. Then look at Tang Wei and Hyun Bins starring [late autumn], the continuous autumn rain makes the film cast a strong tragic color at the beginning; and [Beijing meets Seattle], obviously The movie filmed in Vancouver has been crowned with the name of Seattle, which shows that the directors preference for Seattle is high. I finally came to this love-fighting city, and I took a short trip with my friends and slowly felt the heavy makeup in Seattle. Coffee Culture and Starbucks Starbucks Coffee For the Seattle natives, it's just like the sun, the air and the water, it's a daily necessity. The cafs that are everywhere can be found all over the streets. Whether you are accustomed to a fast-paced life or a casual Seattleer, you won't refuse a Latte or Cappuccino. In Seattle's unique fragrance, leisurely When the sun goes down, enjoy the lazy life that has been stolen for half a day. Seattle people are obsessed with coffee, saying that there are two coffee shops on each small street. It is definitely not an exaggeration. The United States is the country with the largest coffee consumption in the world. It consumes one-third of the world's total coffee production every year. I don't know how much the Seattle people contribute in this number. Because of this, Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks' first store. [Soul of Seattle - Pike Market] is called "Soul of Seattle" by locals. It has more than 100 years of history and is the oldest farmer's market in the United States. one. It is said that before the market was established, the fishermen who had arrived early and late had to sell the fish that had been salvaged to the retailers. Because the benefits were shared, the fishermans harvest was always unsatisfactory, and the guests had no choice but to buy fish at the retailer. . Mass protests frequently forced the government to open the area adjacent to Elliott Bay for fishermen to use, and the Pike fish market was born. During the day, it is a scene of freshness and vocality: the hawkers who sell the fish clean up the freshly caught seafood, and there is no stinking smell. When the buyer pays the bill, the hawker will perform the trick. The classic play code of the fish-baked package, scared others to hide from the left and right, for fear of being caught by fresh fish, for a hundred years, and never tired.
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