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추천 트립 모먼트
룽청,추천 트립 모먼트
시샤커우 관광 리조트
What is the romantic seascape in your dreams? Sea and sky meet slowly rising a round of orange round day, gradually reddening the nearby sky and blossoming white clouds, the whole world has also been covered with a faint warm color, quiet and peaceful. The seagulls who had picked up for a long time soared freely on the sea, swooped down to the sea and leaped freely, and finally rushed to the sky, leaving the perfect arc and vivid silhouette. The sun on the top of the head is hot and roasting on the earth. However, it is more violent than the sun. The crowds playing on the beach, cheering and singing into a loud note, for a long time. Looking at it, the blue sky and the innocent sea with the sky are everywhere. The rising sun gives the sparkling sea a romantic golden color. At the end of the sea level is a leafy boat. The person on the boat wears a pointed cone and holds a paddle in one hand. The back is a sky that is rendered like a painting. The forward is vast and unknown. The sea is really like a drop in the ocean. The night fell quietly, and the young couple walked hand in hand on the beach. The sea breeze blew the girl's long hair and raised the skirt with the floral ornament. The teenagers sat around the beach and played guitar and sang a shallow song. The fine and shining stars are dotted with the summer night sky. The sky in the distance is arranged into a section of the Milky Way. If there is a seemingly uninterrupted song on the sea, it will be the fisherman who is late returning. Carrying the ship full of stars. This romantic view is very moving.
Adam Yue
룽청,추천 트립 모먼트
츠산 관광단지
Shidao Chishan Scenic Area, located in Rongcheng City, the easternmost tip of the Jiaodong Peninsula in Weihai City, Shandong Province, is named after the red stone. It is now a national 4A tourist attraction. One of the most famous spots here is the world's largest forged bronze statue of 58.8 meters - Chishan Mingshen, also the first sea god statue in China. Chishan Mingshen is said that the phase is out of the red gate of Chishan, the town of Weizhen, the magical boundless, guarding the native land, the blessing of the thousand, the merits of the world, is the god of blessing in the north. The Chishan Mingshen has always been worshipped by countries such as Dongpu, and even Persian, big food and other regions. To this day, Japan, South Korea and other monasteries still offer more to the gods of Chisan. It is said that a large number of Japanese and Korean believers are competing to worship each year. In addition, the stunning China's first Guanyin dynamic music fountain square in the Chishan Scenic Area is the Bliss Bodhisattva. It combines sculpture, music, fountains, waterfalls and fireworks, using modern high-tech means to vividly interpret the dynamic music square of Buddhist culture. The music fountain is novel in design, large in scale and unique in effect. If it is not in the treasure of the Buddha, it is really rare to see it. The entire dynamic demonstration process takes 15 minutes. In the magnificent Buddha music, the fountain will transform into a variety of strange water types with the rhythm, and the Guanyin Bodhisattva rotates for a week. Under the lotus seat, Jin Tongyu's female hand, Jin Jinpan, walked out from the slowly opened door and accepted the nectar of Guanyin Bodhisattva. In the mouth of the four King Kong Lux, the colorful flames were sprayed to support the Bodhisattva dance. The nine gold dragons on the side of the pool followed the clouds and rain, and spouted the water column. The fountain in the sunlight reflected the magical rainbow and made people stunned.
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