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Ancient Roman cities are full of historic monuments, but if you want to visit and explore the earliest forms of ancient Roman cities, you should visit Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill. This was the downtown of ancient Roman times, with some of the oldest and most important buildings in Rome. Here is the oldest arch in Rome, the triumphal arch of Titus the Great, built by Domitian in 81 A.D. in memory of his brother Titus and his father Vespasian, who first quelled the revolt in Judea. Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina: This temple was built by Antoninus Pius in 41 A.D. and dedicated to his deceased, deified wife, Faustina. It is also the best-preserved temple. The Senate: The 3rd century Senate still has its original multi-colored mosaic floor, 300 senators sat on the steps of the Senate and is the Speaker's platform. Holy Road: The oldest road in Rome is paved with flat black basalt, winding through the ancient Roman markets through the Triumphal Gate of Titus to Capitoline Hill. The heroes of the Roman Republic marched here when they triumphantly returned, but gradually it declined and became a gathering place for pickpockets and vagrants. Maxentius and Constantine Great Hall: There are 3 large mosaic arch structures, allegedly the largest building in ancient Rome, built in about 315, this was the legal and financial center of the Roman Empire. Admission ticket Package included in the Colosseum Method of arrival Alight at Colosseo Station on Metro Line B
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