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'마드리드 동물원 수족관' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 7월 27일

There are several unique theme pavilions in Europe. Dolphins are also obedient and lovely. There are many interesting animals.


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작성일: 2017년 4월 22일
Set zoos, dolphin halls, aquariums, bird halls as a whole, Europe's unique Madrid Zoo is indeed worth visiting - "I think the following points are commendable - "1. There are parrots, "sea lion four performances; (2) can be very close and lemurs, giraffes, dolphins, sea lions, parrots, hawks and snakes, one time 12.5 euros, after the export payment can be taken. Unfortunately, when we went out with the pictures taken by parrots and lemurs, we did not get them after the closing time, leaving regret (tears). 3. The panda museum here has its own characteristics and achievements. When Juan Carlos I, the former King of Spain, visited China in 1978, the Chinese government presented the giant pandas with quot, Shaoshao , and Qiangqiang Madrid Zoo is the only zoo outside Asia that keeps two panda cubs at the same time, and has successfully produced and survived five. The latest "Zhulina" was produced in August 2016. In order to make pandas live in the most suitable environment, a panda house with Chinese characteristics has been specially built to keep the temperature constant. The zoo is proud of itself and has contributed to the panda's escape from endangered animals in the propaganda film. 4. The Madrid Zoo is situated in Casa de Campo, Madrid's largest urban park "Pastoral Home" which used to be a royal hunting ground. The inside and outside of the park are full of green and very pleasant. 5. Whether it's Flamingo, Spain's national bird, or chimpanzees thinking about life, smiling sea lions, all kinds of fish and all kinds, are very active and delightful, and both sides enjoy it.
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