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'뤄얼가이 화호습지' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 8월 24일

The water of Huahu Lake is clear, the birds fly freely, and the clouds run with the wind. Picturesque scenery, especially suitable for photography: water plants, birds, characters. Please pay attention to sunscreen when visiting Huahu Lake. It is recommended to apply sunscreen in advance and wear straw hat, silk scarf, umbrella and sunglasses. It is not only a sunscreen tool, but also a prop for shooting. Special sun at noon, but also the top light, the effect of photography is not good, it is recommended to travel early or late, avoid noon. Waterfront is very suitable for shooting small Qingxin literary and artistic movies. The handsome man and beautiful eyebrow who likes to shape up can play to his heart's content. The shutter press is classic. It's not convenient to eat in the scenic area, so it's better to bring your own drinks and snacks.

뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지

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