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'뤄얼가이 화호습지' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 6월 10일

To the Northwest direction, both sides of the national road are grasslands, blue sky and white clouds, a herd of cattle and sheep, really beautiful scenery. Although Huahu Lake is a scenic spot with good scenery, many places along the way are not worse than scenic spots, and there are fewer people. It's very suitable for self-driving travel. Stop if you want. Dinner, we must be careful to be slaughtered, I was with the regiment in the past, in this "Camp 1" eat, before paying the tour guide and we said roast sheep to eat casually, 200/person, can also ride a horse, as a result, almost a person ate two pieces of mutton, no more. Riding, more than N people around a horse, riding a very small circle, super bad attitude. Fee. It's all a super pit. It's a sin to spend money on it.

뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지
뤄얼가이 화호습지

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