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'“중화태산 - 봉신대전” 라이브 공연' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 10월 6일

The scene was magnificent, but it was a little cold in the end, so we had to wear more clothes. At the entrance, we have to climb a small section of the mountain road. It's about 20 minutes'climb. There was an auction of Mr. Wu Jinman's calligraphy and paintings before the opening ceremony. I bought a pair and hung it at home as a souvenir. There are many on-site auctions. I left a few minutes before the end of the auction. The old exporter was still writing there. The price was cheaper when I bought it than the auction. The performance was good. The actors are very dedicated. It deduces the different characteristics of the fengzen ceremonies of each dynasty. I bought the ticket with Mount Tai. I thought I saw it directly on Mount Tai. In fact, it is to go down and out of the mountain, and then to Tianzhufeng to see, completely two places. When I came back, there was no taxi, there was a black car, like a person of 30 yuan. I attended to a special bus. The driver was very good. The delivery was for me 80 yuan. Usually the rent is 100 yuan for pick-up and return. I hope it will help you.

“중화태산 - 봉신대전” 라이브 공연
“중화태산 - 봉신대전” 라이브 공연
“중화태산 - 봉신대전” 라이브 공연
“중화태산 - 봉신대전” 라이브 공연
“중화태산 - 봉신대전” 라이브 공연
“중화태산 - 봉신대전” 라이브 공연
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