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'시링쉐산(서령설산)' 리뷰


작성일: 2020년 1월 7일

The children and I went over 2 days. Stayed at Huashuiwan late Dec 2019. The first day Saturday we were a bit late getting up, reached the ticket queue at 11am. RMB 195 each for entry and return cable car rides to midpoint and to Riyue plateau. Cable car - bus to midpoint - stayed for 2 hours to play with the snow. Midpoint to Riyue plateau - good views - disappointing as Riyue ski point was closed that day.Sunday we set off at 8am from Huashuiwan to Xiling hence shorter queue, and more time to play. The food up mountain is expensive, easily 4-5 times the price, comparing supermarket cup noodles. Bring your own cup noodles or rice.

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