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작성일: 2020년 6월 4일

無錫錫惠公園(錫惠園林文物名勝區)是擁有國內外知名度和廣泛影響力,文物古迹眾多、山水林泉俱佳的大型綜合性城市公園,著名的風景名勝區。地處無錫城西,交通便利,距市中心2公里。它緊偎於京杭運河之旁,倚錫山、惠山而築併名,山水靈秀,文化燦爛,有無錫“露天博物館”和 “精神家園”之譽。錫惠公園是首批國家重點風景名勝區——太湖風景名勝區的十四個核心景區之一,是國家重點公園,國家“AAAA”級旅遊景區。錫惠公園有三個特色遊覽區——免費開放的入口公園,以遊樂、休憇為亮點的錫山休閑區,以及最具遊覽價值的核心景區——以天下第二泉為經典代表的惠山古迹區,總面積達90公頃。包含三個精品園——無錫唯一明代古園,有着500年悠久歷史的寄暢園,觀賞杜鵑為主題的中國杜鵑園和賞玩江南盆景的吟苑公園。


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작성일: 2017년 4월 19일
Xihui Park is a relatively large park in Wuxi. It is adjacent to the ancient town of Huishan in Wuxi. There are many scenic spots in Xihui Park, such as the Rhododendron Garden, Jichang Garden, Second Spring and so on. However, Xihui Park and these small scenic spots need to be separated first. If you only want to visit the park, the ticket only costs 10 yuan; if you want to visit the azalea garden, the ticket is 25 yuan (Xihui Park and azalea garden); if you want to visit the Jichang Park, the Second Spring of the World, Huishan Temple and other scenic spots, the ticket is 90 yuan; if you want to experience the ropeway in Xihui Park + visit various scenic spots, the ticket is 100 yuan, the distinction of tickets must be clear. When you enter the park, you need to buy "package ticket". If you don't buy it, you can go to Xihui Park to buy tickets for scenic spots. The price is expensive. Take ropeway for example, if you buy another ticket in the park, it's 40 yuan for one person to go back and forth. If you buy a package ticket, tickets must be well preserved, because in the park, by cableway or into small attractions, you need to show tickets. We are going to Xihui Park on Qingming Festival. It is also the time when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. There are many cherry blossoms in Xihui Park. Many visitors to Wuxi will go to Yitouzhu to enjoy cherry blossoms. I think the cherry blossoms in Xihui Park are not worse than those in Yitouzhu, and the number of visitors here is small, so they can enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms heartily. Xihui Cableway is a means of transportation in Xihui Park. The starting point of the cableway is Xishan, and the other side is the top of Huishan. When you ride the cableway, you can see the whole Xihui Park and its surrounding areas. If you don't buy a ropeway ticket, you can also get to the Ropeway Station at the top of Huishan Mountain. That is, you can walk up the mountain from the mountaineering entrance, and when you ride the ropeway, you can also see the climbing Road of tourists. Personally, I think it's more economical to buy a 100 yuan package ticket. It can also take the ropeway and enter the small scenic spots in Xihui Park. Yingshan Lake is the largest lake in Xihui Park. Tourists can take cruise boats on the lake. The cruise boat terminal is located on the North Bank of Yingshan Lake. China's Rhododendron Garden is a small scenic spot in Xihui Park, but it has a large area, besides the open-air planting of rhododendrons, there are also some potted rhododendrons. In the Rhododendron Garden, you will see many photographers snapping the traces of the rhododendron. There is also a small lake in the Rhododendron Garden. When we went to the lake, we saw many tadpoles. Some tourists took some tadpoles back with bottles. Jichang Garden, the second spring in the world, Huishan Temple and so on, actually belong to the junction of Huishan Park and Huishan Ancient Town. These small attractions are collectively called "Xihui Scenic Spot". If there is no ticket package, tickets are needed to enter Xihui Scenic Spot. Xihui Park itself has a large area, besides recreational projects, there are many small attractions in the park. This is a scenic spot containing history and culture. Look at flowers, climb mountains and learn about history. Tourists can spend a day here. Besides, Xihui Park is close to Huishan ancient town, and can also go to Huishan ancient town to taste some special snacks of Wuxi, such as Huishan tofu flower. Wuxi soup bag and so on.
작성일: 2017년 5월 16일
Xihui Park is a part of Huishan Ancient Town, but tickets can be collected separately. Xihui Park combines Mount Xishan and Mount Huishan into one garden with rich and colorful contents. It shows the historical and cultural monuments of various dynasties since the Southern Dynasty and spreads many vivid human legends. From the Guhua Mountain Gate of Xihui Park, you can go directly to Huishan Temple, Jichang Garden and the Second Spring of the World. This is the essence of the whole garden. Huishan Temple, one of the famous temples in the south of the Yangtze River, was built in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty made several tours to Huishan, and the plaque of Huishan Temple, which was close to the book, was full of incense. The main tourist attractions are the Tang and Song classical buildings, the Diamond Hall, the Snow Bridge, the Riyue Pool and the Royal Stele Pavilion. The east turn of the ancient Huamen is Jichang Garden. The garden was a second monastery in the Yuan Dynasty, named Nanyin and euphemism. The second spring in the world is Huishan Spring, also known as Luzi Spring. The famous expert of tea ceremony in ancient China, Lu Yu, a Tang Dynasty man, in his Tea Classic, called the world's water products twenty, and Huishan Spring was the second spring in the world. There are Erquan Pavilion, Yilantang, Jinghuitang and Guanyin Stone of Ming Dynasty, Chishou and so on. From Erquan Pavilion to the north, there are also Qing Dynasty bamboo stove house, autumn rain hall, Yunqi building and so on.
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