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'왓판타오 사원' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 8월 16일

Although I have seen so many temples in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Pan Dao Temple is one of the temples with a single tree, which is worth recommending. Pandao Temple is built in teak, pure Taipei Lanna style design, not as golden as other temples, aggressive momentum. And although Phan Tao means "1,000 stoves", the incense here is not very prosperous, very quiet, occupies little space, and there are not many tourists. In the temple, people are surprisingly calm inside. The arch of the entrance is red, and there are very beautiful carvings on the arch, which reminds me of the beautiful carvings of Queen's Palace in Angkor Wat. When entering the hall, please be careful not to take pictures. We can only record the golden decorations at the entrance of the hall with a camera, and the visitors can only feel the interior with the naked eye. Compared with other famous temples in Chiang Mai, Pan Dao Temple is not so famous, so there is no noise from other temples here. It is a simple and quiet temple. You can rest assured that you can sit in the temple and relax yourself without being disturbed by the noise of tourists. Think about your life carefully. If you are tired of sitting, I suggest you take a walk in the small garden of the temple. There is a small pond with many red umbrellas and hanging bells. I like this quiet reserve very much. It's really a beautiful scene in Chiang Mai. It's very unforgettable.

왓판타오 사원
왓판타오 사원
왓판타오 사원
왓판타오 사원
왓판타오 사원
왓판타오 사원
왓판타오 사원
왓판타오 사원
왓판타오 사원

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