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'승리공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 2월 13일

It's not far from Changchun Railway Station. It's free. There's an amusement park inside. It doesn't look good enough to close in winter. In winter, you can also play skating in the park and rent equipment.


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작성일: 2018년 2월 21일
Starting from the railway station, I chose to go to Shengli Park on foot, because it was not far along People's Avenue and passed Hangzhou Road, Longjiang Road and Nenjiang Road, turning right into the north gate of the park. The main entrance of the park was temporarily inaccessible because the construction of the subway had not been completed. Victory Park is a place that I often visited in my middle school days. Every day, I have to go back to my hometown after 40 years. At that time, we couldn't enter the park casually. We could only jump "barrier" or get into it illegally. Haha, I'm sorry for the park management and everybody. Because at that time, we bought tickets and went in very rich people. Unlike at that time, many animals were still in the park. Every year, only the day of sweeping the martyr's tomb in the Qingming Dynasty was the day when the martyr's tomb was openly entered. Today's parks are different from those at that time. They have high Ferris wheels and high-altitude spinning games. They really don't know what their names are. They want to play once. They are afraid of heights and age. The first glance is the Ferris wheel. The yellow house next to it used to be a garden and office. Now it is the privilege of the Centennial Exhibition Hall to open it. Ask the staff and girls to go to Xiaobeimen to collect tickets. Free visit to the Centennial Park inside is too good for some old pictures, objects and scenery. The Exhibition hall is carefully passed by by by by one of my visitors. Every showroom remembers the past and gives a hundred compliments. At the end of the visit, I said goodbye to the little girl. Thank you. The enthusiastic little girl took me out of the door and moved me.
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