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'유니버셜 올랜도 리조트' 리뷰

Stephen Taylor Hawkins

작성일: 2018년 5월 31일

It isn't quite Disney World in terms of prestige, but it is as close as you will get. I try to go once a year when possible, and I plan to do so for the foreseeable future.

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작성일: 2020년 12월 26일
작성일: 2019년 3월 11일
I would highly recommend the Rip Ride Rocket coaster. Last August, we went to Disneyland,Orlando, visited Epcot, Hollywood studio,Magic Kingdom. What a amazing and impressive journey. Although all the parks could take you to the happy heaven, but I strongly recommend you to Hollywood studio, because the most exciting coaster, the Rip Ride Rocket coaster was waiting for you. It was about half a mile long with a five-meter coaster cart. Each cart can load 16 persons. To be honest, it was worth waiting. Finally when you sat in the cart, do remember to fasten your seat belt for the sake of your safety and this is the only way could you listen to the music played from a micro-Mp3 behind of the seat. You could choose your favorite music which could help you relieve your stress. The next 2 minutes will be trilling and breathless. As for me, I preferred country music which helped me forget the horror temporarily and I managed to control myself successfully.After the Coaster lifted you up to a height about 100 feet (about 26 meters), the track guided you to do a free fall. Yes, Free Fall! Then it turned you upside down when you passed a circle track. Suddenly it stopped at another high spot about 70 feet (about 20 meters) high. After a three-second short break, the coaster went on with a extremely high speed, you could do nothing but scream, it was really thrilling. The sense of horror continued as the coaster moved to the third high spot at about 50 feet. Up to now, the most breathtaking time disappeared as the coaster slowed down. It stopped after passed the last circle and high spot. Although I overcome my sense of fear, two legs could not walk for a moment when I got off. What a breathtaking and exciting journey I had! Follow me, will you? Wish my experience and cozy tips will help you. If you have any questions, do let me know.
작성일: 2019년 12월 28일
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