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'우메다 스카이빌딩' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 5월 29일

Every time, if it's not too tired to walk or because it can't find the Blue Sky Tower, it gives up the air courtyard on the blue sky to see the night scene. This time, it's hard to go up and see. Everyone says it's good. That's good. From Hep 160; Five used to be a little detoured and felt like walking a lot of roads. In fact, it was along Yodobashi that we went back. After passing a tunnel, we saw many people coming out of the blue sky building, and many people came in. Wow, don't queue up! ____________ We're still in line, about 10 minutes or so, and the batches are still quite fast. First take the box elevator, then take the escalator, you can see the landscape hall, but all through the glass to see the night scene, a circle of sofa seats, a bar, are full of people, can not enjoy the night scene, just when we were disappointed, found a spiral staircase, the original bright spot on the stairs, go up to see the legendary courtyard in the sky. The fluorescent lamp illuminates everybody's clothes, teeth, nails and shoes with fluorescent color. Have fun!

우메다 스카이빌딩
우메다 스카이빌딩
우메다 스카이빌딩
우메다 스카이빌딩
우메다 스카이빌딩
우메다 스카이빌딩
우메다 스카이빌딩
우메다 스카이빌딩
우메다 스카이빌딩

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