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'우에노 공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 7월 29일

A good park should belong to the citizens. This park is an open one without walls. It is surrounded by trees in the sky and lakes. It is a natural place for good health. A good park should be suitable for all ages and for many purposes. There are zoos for children, museums for students and young intellectuals, art galleries and science and technology museums. There are also garden lakes that the elderly like. A good park should also have historical traces. There's the Tokugawa Kabuki, there's the statue of the Meiji Restoration leader, there's the shrine. In a word, the people of Tokyo are very happy. It has the most cultural atmosphere in the beautiful park. In the park with cultural atmosphere, the scenery here is the most beautiful.

우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원
우에노 공원

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