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'몽키 포레스트' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 6월 16일

It's worth visiting. Many people may have been warned that the monkeys in Bali would grab glasses and bags, but I'd like to explain to you that it's the monkey in another scenic spot in Bali, Valentine's Cliff. And monkeys in Saint Monkey Park don't rob. Super quantity, no aggression, very interesting. And this is not to promote visitors to feed, if you really think you have something to eat, it will gently pick your hand, want to see what is inside, especially funny. Occasionally naughty little monkeys want to jump on you. Don't be afraid. Don't scream and jump. It's just curious to be close to you. You just need to be gently close to the ground or something next to it, and it will naturally go down. Besides looking at monkeys, the park scenery is also very worthwhile. Every tree seems to be here thousands of years ago. It's very shocking. Finally, please civilize monkeys and keep quiet. Smoking is forbidden in the whole scenic area. Please work together to safeguard the image of the Chinese people.

몽키 포레스트
몽키 포레스트
몽키 포레스트
몽키 포레스트
몽키 포레스트
몽키 포레스트
몽키 포레스트
몽키 포레스트
몽키 포레스트

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