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'띠르따 사원' 리뷰


작성일: 2013년 6월 5일

The name of Shengquan Temple comes from a pool of magical spring water in the temple. Legend has it that this spring is the immortal spring water drawn by Indra, the great god, with his sword inserted into the ground. It can purify the soul and bring good luck to people. On the stone platform, there are flowers and other sacrifices in small boxes, which are used to sacrifice gods. Most Indonesians envelope Hinduism. The dragon-shaped pattern on a wall in the temple shows the exquisite sculptors of the local people in Bali. Another unique feature of the temple is that there are many beautiful stone statues that have stood there after hundreds of years of wind and rain. It seems that every stone statue has a soul. In the architecture of the temple area, the carefully carved pillars and stone tables fully reflect the wisdom of human beings, and complement each other with nature.

띠르따 사원
띠르따 사원
띠르따 사원
띠르따 사원
띠르따 사원
띠르따 사원
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