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'톈지 열기구' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 8월 11일

Hot-air balloon needs to call on the same day to ask if it can take off, or run in vain. I think it's better to buy the ticket on the same day. The ticket I bought the day before was refunded because it couldn't fly. As a result, I went to experience it the next day. The first time the child took a hot-air balloon, he was very excited, a good experience. Another forest oxygen bar, we went to 37 degrees high temperature day, but entered oxygen. It's not hot after the bar, because it's all trees, the stream is cool, the water is very clear, but not much. It took two hours to get up to the top of the hill with the children. Down the hill we sat on the grass and the ropeway. It took about five minutes, and the children thought it was fun. That's worth it.

톈지 열기구
톈지 열기구
톈지 열기구
톈지 열기구
톈지 열기구
톈지 열기구
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