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'오사카 성 천수각' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 2월 11일

The cherry blossoms around should be the most famous, many cherry trees. It's a pity that the cherry blossoms haven't blossomed since February. It's a beautiful day. It's beautiful to take pictures. Osaka City is the most famous tourist attraction in Osaka. It is centered on Tianshouge Pavilion and located in the Central District of Osaka City. It is a symbolic attraction of Osaka and a must-see place for tourists to visit Osaka. The existing city of Osaka was rebuilt in 1931 by private fund-raising. It has five layers in appearance, eight layers in interior, 54.8 meters in height, seven layers below, and eight layers for lookout. The city wall is surrounded by a moat, with beautiful gardens and pavilions nearby. The Cherry Flower Gate is quite famous in the city. It was the only Cherry Flower Gate built entirely of megalithic stones that stood unharmed and became the only surviving relic in Osaka City in that year. In the center of the inner city of Osaka, the main building of Osaka City, Tianshou Pavilion, is magnificent and gilded with copper. In the interior, there are wooden portraits of Hideki Toyoshi, used weapons and paintings. From the top of Tianshou Pavilion, you can see the beautiful scenery around Osaka. Now Osaka City has been designated as a special historic site.

오사카 성 천수각
오사카 성 천수각
오사카 성 천수각
오사카 성 천수각
오사카 성 천수각
오사카 성 천수각
오사카 성 천수각
오사카 성 천수각

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