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Dating back several thousand of years until today Jade this beloved gemstone has been relished by different civilizations around the world. Jade influence not only span through time but regionally as well as it was associated to Chinese dynasties, Mesoamerican cultures, New Zealand Maoris and also in ancient Egypt.The striking similarity among all is that Jade is honored and esteemed more highly than silver and gold. It is widely believed to have mystical powers, healing abilities and also being a lucky and protective stone. Notwithstanding the fantastic combination of joy which Jade brings to us, the discovery of jade and the research of it has hitherto been a one-sided affair.However, advanced technology recently has enabled us to learn more about its innate qualities presenting all jade-lovers to appreciate Jade in a more sophisticated way. Indeed a pleasure to learn about Jade alluring range of colours and excellent luster and its immaculate interaction of toughness and hardness pepperoni.