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작성일: 2017년 5월 2일

Tapeimen in the morning is pleasant, passing to see a girl in the pigeon flock, weekend night market is indeed huge, crowded, but not cheap imagination, may be speculated by foreigners into the commercialization of the outside, rather than to meet the original way of relaxing local weekend shopping, because basically can not see the local consumption, but can also see in the middle of the road. To the rich humanistic style of sketch, music, dance, a variety of handicraft... Retained things are still better than China, did not take any photos, visit better, fly Hongkong this morning, but this trip in Thailand really feel a lot of things, slowly learn to understand the humanities, understand the precious meaning of travel, language exchanges, cultural inclusion, you will really be infected, naturally go home and do as the Romans do, met many precious people, these precious people are really true. I like traveling, will stay in the place for a long time to experience, taught me how to harvest, their experience and experience really let me envy, although they all said that they envy me, can see from my eyes that they were pure, and curious about the world, dare to try to do what they want to do, more fortunate than they did, thank them, to leave, suddenly. If I find that I don't want to leave here, maybe I will come again and look forward to the next meeting.


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작성일: 2016년 11월 16일
Tapeimen is a landmark of the ancient city of Chiang Mai and one of its entrances. The ancient city is a square, square, so there are gates on four corners. Tapeimen is the most famous, probably because it is the most complete existing gate in the ancient city. The whole wall is brick red, very primitive and simple, with a historical charm, so many tourists like to take photos here, even wedding photos, the effect is very good, especially feel. Tapeimen is not only a city gate with walls, but also a square. It often holds various celebrations and performances here. The day we arrived was the Flower Festival in Chiang Mai, so the whole square was decorated with flowers. Another unique feature of Tapeimen is that pigeons can be fed. Crowds of pigeons shake their wings in front of the brick-red wall background. It's a beautiful picture to imagine, but it's not easy to capture such a scene. Most of the time, visitors sit on the stone bench next to them to rest, while pigeons in twos and threes swing leisurely on the ground. There are many restaurants, massage shops and barbershops around Tapeimen. Of course, there are accommodation. It's 11 p.m. after massage, but it's very busy. There are many tugs and bicycles. There's no need to worry about traffic at all. Then there are many local people riding motorcycles to shuttle. In addition, Tapemen is also the starting point of the Saturday night market. As soon as Saturday evening comes, the long stall troop takes action, so it will be quite busy here.
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