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'템플리아우키오 교회' 리뷰


작성일: 2014년 10월 21일

If you look far, you can't find it anywhere. It's not small. When I went there, I caught up with a little concert. Someone was playing the piano or something all the time. On the shelf at the church door are short, concise and enlightening sentences from the Bible in various languages. The quality of Chinese is poor, but the English is beautiful. I took a few of them, and later I gave them a luxurious perfume in the cruise duty free shop in Finland to Stockholm, hee hee, happy. There are many souvenir shops written in Chinese on the road facing the entrance of Rock Church. One of them is opened by a Chinese. If you walk down from the church, the shop is on the right hand side. It sells refrigerator stickers that are found everywhere in Finland. There is a small piece of wood that is empty and transparent. It contains broken amber. Having been in Finland for a long time, this is a souvenir that must be touching, because Finnish amber is very famous. If you really want to buy something to commemorate and give away, this shop is the cheapest one you've ever seen. It's about 3 euros or more. Other stores are usually about 6 euros.

템플리아우키오 교회
템플리아우키오 교회
템플리아우키오 교회
템플리아우키오 교회
템플리아우키오 교회

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작성일: 2017년 7월 12일
This is a church without a high spire! This is a church without a bell tower! Its front door was so low-key that I went up to the hill and stood on the top of the church, still looking for the rock church. Finland's Rock Church, also known as Temppeliaukio Rock Church, is located in the Tampere Rock Square in the heart of Helsinki. Is it amazing that the whole square is covered with a huge rock, which is 8-13 meters higher than the street next to it, and the rock church is hidden inside the huge rock? The Rock Church, completed in 1969, is an elaborate masterpiece of the Brothers of Omaranes. Churches are built directly on rocky highlands. In order not to damage the natural landscape, they are excavated from the top of rocks. The churches are buried in the natural rocks. They are really rock churches. If you don't look for it from the street opposite the church gate, it's hard to find the hidden door of the church, and I'm looking for it from the other side. People are standing on the church and wondering where the Rock Church is. It wasn't until I saw a visitor walking down the mound that I realized that the rock church I was looking for was right under my feet! __________ The solemn atmosphere of traditional European churches is not felt when buying tickets. The circular dome inside makes people feel comfortable. An elegant lady was playing the piano, and many visitors were sitting in their chairs and enjoying it quietly. I felt as if I had entered an elegant music hall rather than a traditional church. Looking around, the most distinctive feature is the design of the church dome. The central part is the brilliant vault, reflecting the candlelight beneath, while the outer part is a hundred radial beams and pillars, with transparent glass between the beams and pillars. The sunlight falls through the glass of the dome and shines on the altar in the central area of the rock church, showing the holiness of the altar. The inner wall of the church is the original appearance of unmodified rocks, while the top wall is made of broken rocks, which seems loose and disorderly, and may fall down at any time. But in fact, every stone is carefully chosen, and its original tone adds a sense of return to nature to the church. Careful observation will reveal that water droplets seep from cracks in the rock and flow down the rock wall into the underground water channel, thus enhancing the reverberation effect inside the church. No wonder concerts are held here every week.
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