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'데보드 신전' 리뷰


작성일: 2014년 9월 10일

The Egyptian temple in Madrid is located on a hillside north of the palace. When the Aswan Dam was built in Egypt, the water level rose and the temple would be flooded, so the temple was moved to Madrid. Because in Egypt, I saw another Philadelphia Temple moved by the Aswan Dam. Although I know that the temple moved to Spain can not be as beautiful as those in Egypt, but because of the great respect for Egyptian civilization, I still have a little expectation of this temple. So we bought ice cream and drinks ready to see the temple. As a result, as a result, both of us could not help but "ah" when we saw the true face of the temple. It was not amazing, but disappointing. This temple is made of several large stones. There is no elegant relief of Egyptian gods and pharaohs, not to mention the Egyptian temple. I really would not regard it as an Egyptian temple. Forget it, those stones in Egypt are miracles that I can never surpass in my heart. In Spain, just look at the sunset on this hillside.

데보드 신전
데보드 신전
데보드 신전
데보드 신전

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