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'일월담 케이블카' 리뷰


작성일: 2014년 12월 13일

We walked along the lakeside lane to Riyuetan Cable Station and bought NT$580 per person (just in time for the discount, NT$200 per ticket) for the Nine Cultural Villages. We went to the next tourist destination. Tickets equivalent to about 120 yuan, including the return and return of Riyuetan cable car, and recreational facilities in the Nine-Nationality Cultural Village are basically no longer paid for. Although this is the most expensive ticket in Taiwan's tourism, it is still much cheaper than the mainland. During the holidays, there are a lot of tourists going to Jiuzu Culture Village by cable car, but they are in good order and well managed. Everyone can get the number of the queue, and each batch of 100 people will call and let go in turn. The winding detour makes the waiting process no longer anxious. Waiting in line for about 20 minutes to get on the cable car, Taiwan's high-altitude cable car design is very humane, there is ample time to get on and off, there is absolutely no sense of haste. Riyuetan cable car over two hills, let us enjoy the panorama of Riyuetan Lake in the process of arriving at the entrance of the Jiuzu Cultural Village.

일월담 케이블카
일월담 케이블카
일월담 케이블카
일월담 케이블카
일월담 케이블카
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