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'수펑야윈촨 극장(촉풍아운천 극원)' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 4월 11일

Shufeng Yayun used to be a club of famous Sichuan opera actors. In recent years, it has reunited with famous Sichuan opera actors and launched a "classical opera, folk art performance" every night. Not only has it gained a great reputation, but it has been reported by the media both at home and abroad. Between the fingers, the style of pear orchards is reappeared in the past, and the traditional rhyme and rhyme are twisted around the beam. Xishu civilization has been handed down from generation to generation, and it is endowed by nature. Changing face, spitting fire, rolling lights are well-known in China. The puppet with stick head and axe is exquisite and skillful. The daughter's voiceless silk is inseparable. Listening to the guqin, I can't feel the dream of returning to the Three Kingdoms. Hearing the sound of Erhu, he changed the cloudy dog. Hand shadow plays, which have been extinct for many years, have returned to the folk; drums and music are singing in unison and echoing in the ileum, with infinite joy. Shufeng elegant rhyme has lofty aspirations. It intends to revive the Ba-Shu opera among the people, make the drifting culture of the opera reappear in the teahouse, and let the famous personages who are skilled return to the folk. Today, the elegant rhyme of Shufeng has become the folk cultural hall where famous celebrities gather together, and the festival place of Chengdu where ticket-holders love their homes.

수펑야윈촨 극장(촉풍아운천 극원)
수펑야윈촨 극장(촉풍아운천 극원)
수펑야윈촨 극장(촉풍아운천 극원)
수펑야윈촨 극장(촉풍아운천 극원)
수펑야윈촨 극장(촉풍아운천 극원)
수펑야윈촨 극장(촉풍아운천 극원)

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