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'스옌후' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 5월 26일



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작성일: 2016년 10월 11일
At the weekend, I went to Shiyan Lake with my family. It's not far from Changsha, but it has a unique tranquility. Tree crossing seems to be a new project this year. Before that, I also saw reports on the news that there are many people playing. By the way, I experienced a thrilling adventure journey with the rich ecological atmosphere of the lake and mountain, which makes people relaxed and breezy. Like watercolor, it impresses the unique grass and vegetation flavor of this season, appreciates the natural charm, and at the same time, makes the body and mind become comfortable. A reincarnation, too long without exercise, the whole person is sweating like rain, we play happily on the top, the people watching below also feel very interesting, have to come up to experience, really good, can breathe fresh air, but also get physical exercise. Rising Shiyan Lake, boating lake has a special taste in mind, hanging willow branches immersed in the lake water, a lake landscape, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, mountains around the water, water reflecting the mountains, everything is so quiet, peaceful and beautiful. Occasionally the wind blows and takes away a little warmth. The bamboo trees are full of bamboo shadows. The mountains are surrounded by blue water, beautiful peaks and ridges, and the grass is delicious. It is indeed a good place to have a hollow feeling after rest. Blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and green waters overlook a lake like jade, flying with the wind to see Shiyan Lake, green mountains and waters, winding roads, blue sky and white clouds, green bamboo mountains and green mountains, a row of neat rows. The house, the cornice upward gently tilted, seems to be a beautiful smile, people can not understand. The fresh air and beautiful scenery in Shiyan Lake is a good place for relaxed travel. Nature has given it "Forest Oxygen Bar". A unique breath, boundless green, bringing vitality, away from the noise of the bustling city, stealing life for half a day.
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