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'신 우메다 시티' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 10월 13일

Landmark building in the new Meitan area of Osaka, the Blue Sky Tower of Meitan, connected by two super-tall buildings, comes out at Exit 5 of the Osaka Railway Station and passes through the underground passage below the railway. Between the two buildings is the Meitan Aerial Courtyard Observatory, which is like an oasis in the city, away from the noise. It is constructed by forty floors above the ground and two floors below the ground. The oval outlook platform is built on the top and on the roof, and the 360-degree panoramic three-dimensional scenery can be enjoyed at the 173-meter-high top building. If you can see the modern appearance of the Blue Sky Tower in the daytime, night is the best choice to overlook the bright night scenery around. Prospect Taiwanese adults 800 yen, with 2-day vouchers free of charge.

신 우메다 시티
신 우메다 시티
신 우메다 시티
신 우메다 시티
신 우메다 시티
신 우메다 시티
신 우메다 시티
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