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'석노인 해수욕장' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 12월 27일

The old man Shi is one of the famous tourist attractions in Qingdao. There are no tickets in the scenic spot. This is a place where many tourists will come to visit, and it is also the only way to Laoshan. Many photography enthusiasts will come here to shoot sunrise at more than 3 a.m., which is also a favorite place for many fishing and useful enthusiasts. Shilao is a typical marine erosion pillar landscape along the Bedrock Coast of China. Millions of years of wind and wave erosion and impact, the Bedrock Coast at the foot of Wushan continues to collapse and retreat, and grind into fine sand deposited in the gentle Dajiangkou Bay. Only the old solitary stone pillar remains, forming the present shape. Looking from the shore like the Northwest direction, the stone on the sea is very like an old man, and we have to praise the magic of nature. There are many reefs on the shore, which are very smooth and often have undercurrent. When you come here, you must pay attention to safety. If you swim, you must not swim in the deep sea. Traffic: Take bus No. 301, 304, 311, 313, 317 and 362 in Qingdao city, you can all get near Shilao, and walk northward in the afternoon. Accommodation: There is a hotel next to the old man Shi. Food: Qingdao's delicacies are mainly seafood and beer. There is a hundred-year-old shop in the city, Chunhe Building. Shandong cuisine here is very famous.

석노인 해수욕장
석노인 해수욕장
석노인 해수욕장
석노인 해수욕장
석노인 해수욕장

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