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'산타 크루즈 지구' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 5월 24일

Santa Cruz: The old city, also known as the Holy Cross, used to be a Jewish settlement. The alleys, churches and buildings have strong Jewish characteristics. The main white tone with other tones reflects the quiet and peaceful beauty of life. It also interprets history and legends, and has a genuine folk customs. The famous Pilate House and the Old Priest Hospital (see also my comments) are located here. Casa de Pilatos: Spain's most prominent private palace, built in the 15th century, integrated with the Italian Renaissance and the Mudhal style of Spain, to do everything in luxury. There is a beautiful central courtyard in the palace, along the staircase with ceramic tiles, it is a large living place (there are many priceless treasures such as paintings, gold and silver utensils, furniture, porcelain, etc., no photography is allowed). The Palace also contains art treasures such as sculpture and sculpture. Several fine flowing fountains add a different scene to the palace. It is a real paradise on earth.

산타 크루즈 지구
산타 크루즈 지구
산타 크루즈 지구
산타 크루즈 지구
산타 크루즈 지구

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