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'홍치취' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 5월 31일



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작성일: 2017년 5월 23일
Walk into Linzhou, Henan Province, and feel the spirit of the Red Flag Canal. The Red Flag Canal, a blue water-carrying Great Wall winding about 1500 kilometers in the Taihang Mountains, forms a water network through the vast grain fields and changes the appearance of Jiulin County. The Red Flag Canal is a masterpiece of hard work and wisdom of the working people. Many heroic stories emerged during the construction process. It records the hard and romantic years of pioneering with heroic romance in the 1960s "splitting the Taihang Mountains, traversing the Zhanghe River, the aspirations of the people of Linxian County, and rescheduling the mountains and rivers. Along the years when our ancestors were short of food and water but burning passionately, they used original tools such as iron braze, hammer, shovel, basket and unicycle. With unlimited creativity and unremitting perseverance, the Tianhe River was carved out. It was the scent of Sophora blossom that inspired the hearts and spleens of people. It was the peaceful growth of all kinds of wild fruit trees. It was a group of visitors who were intoxicated in the mountains and rivers, and the meditation triggered by the Tianhe River on earth. Red Flag Canal deserves the titles of "Great Wall of Water", "Artificial Tianhe", "Beautiful Blue Ribbon on Earth", "Miracle of New China", "World Miracle" and so on. Today, Linzhou educators are practicing the spirit of the Red Flag Canal and constantly moving forward on the road of educational reform.
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