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'첸다오호 해양관' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 8월 25일

The O2 O Pavilion is a farm product seller. Don't think it's for fun. I thought it was for fun before I went to see it. Fish Museum is to look at fish bones, some paintings and calligraphy about fish, and some fish-shaped sculptures. There is a large aquarium in the exhibition hall to raise a few fish, nothing good-looking, low cost-effective. This kind of exhibition hall is suitable for people with high artistic attainments. The aquarium is not bad. It smells fishy, but it's not heavy. There's also a dolphin show. But the time I went was over. There were sharks, goldfish, dairy fish, jellyfish, sea lions, seals, turtles, and many other marine creatures. It's still good. The ice sculpture hall is a little more exciting. The staff said that the indoor temperature is minus 8 degrees. They either bring their own clothes or rent a coat of 15 yuan each. The collision roller coaster in it costs more money. The commercial atmosphere is too heavy, but it's still good. Underground ancient city is a sense of history. There are many things in rural areas in the 1980s. The staff at the entrance have a very good attitude. The people are really good. Generally speaking, it's more economical to buy 99 tickets than to buy them alone. If you buy them alone, it will cost about 150 yuan. You can spend more than two hours playing in these pavilions, and you can have a good time in about one and a half hours. Xiushui Street enters at the tourist terminal of Qiandao Lake.

첸다오호 해양관
첸다오호 해양관
첸다오호 해양관
첸다오호 해양관
첸다오호 해양관

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