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작성일: 2020년 6월 7일



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작성일: 2016년 4월 2일
Red Line 2, Taida Hospital Station. Ordinary visits require online bookings, but the first Saturday of the month is a free open day. You can enter as long as you queue up for security checks with your certificates. Of course, cocoa and beans will not be missed. But please note that after entering the presidential palace, the courtyard is not allowed to take pictures. But when entering the room, they are open to shoot. Cocoa and beans are really confused. But we are shocked that Taipei "Zhongnanhai" can take photos indoors. Why was Taipei very happy? Cocoa and Doudou were lucky. Almost all of them met with good things. Visiting the presidential palace also met with Chinese explanations. Like beans, you should follow the instructions to get a good visit. There are still limited places to open, but enough to visit. The second floor is a variety of office areas. Down to the first floor is the Taiwan Development History Pavilion and the central courtyard of the presidential palace. Visiting the Presidential Palace was the best day of our trip. It was a clear sky, blue sky and white clouds. Such a fine sky was rarely seen in Nanjing. The courtyard is situated quietly in this Baroque building. The afternoon sunshine sprinkles from the cracks of the building, leaves and branches, unintentionally creating beautiful silhouettes. Just sit quietly, write a postcard to your lover and friends, look at the people coming and going, this scene, you do not come, how to understand, TIPS: 1, if you are lucky to visit, please comply with the requirements, open the package inspection. Take control of your lens where you can't take pictures. Even if you can't get in, the exterior of the presidential palace is a magnificent and distinctive Baroque building. Don't be stingy with your lens. 2. The souvenir shop in the Presidential Palace has special products of the Presidential Palace, but it can't be bought outside. And here are postcards and commemorative postmarks of the presidential palace. Don't miss them. (Just as I was writing this, the postcard cocoa secretly sent to Doudou at the presidential palace just happened to arrive. It feels like God is so romantic. Don't miss it for lovers and friends.)
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