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'마리아 루이사 공원' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 2월 4일

I never list parks as attractions, except this one. Maria Louisa Park is near the Spanish Square, and it's worth visiting. The park, originally a royal garden, was donated by the Duchess of Louisa to the city government. It is now open to the public as a park free of charge. Gardens are blooming all year round, plum, rose, wisteria, blue mist, orange flowers and so on, coupled with tropical coconut trees and other tropical plants, beautiful. In the park in autumn and winter, the oranges of yellow oranges and oranges are full of branches and the flowers are in full bloom under the orange trees. This scene is like a dream and romantic date in spring and autumn. In the early 20th century, in order to hold the Latin American Exposition, Maria Louisa Park was partially renovated. In the south of the park, three Spanish-style buildings were built. Today it is open to the public as a museum. From the appearance alone, it is very interesting that the three buildings come together in three architectural styles. In addition, the park has more than 100 years of sculptures, fountains, Western-style pavilions, swans, ducks, pigeons and other animals, quiet and lively. My favorite is also the park's shady roads, lush, sometimes carriages pass by, jingling bells, kicking and kicking. Carriage tours are the hallmark of Seville. Maria Louisa Park is one of the stops on the carriage tour. This also shows that the park is worth visiting!

마리아 루이사 공원
마리아 루이사 공원
마리아 루이사 공원
마리아 루이사 공원
마리아 루이사 공원
마리아 루이사 공원
마리아 루이사 공원
마리아 루이사 공원
마리아 루이사 공원

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