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'가이유칸 수족관' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 5월 10일

It's a long walk from JR's station to Haiyou Yard. It's just in the direction of Tianbaoshan's Ferris Wheel. It's next to the Ferris Wheel. One kind of ticket of the sea resort is a joint ticket with the cruise ship, but it should be noted that the latest flight on the day of the cruise ship is 17:00. If you miss it, you can only come back another day. The time limit seems to be one month from the date of ticket purchase. Whether the time limit is one month is a little unclear. The check-in cabinet inside the sea resort is good. There's a special kind of suitcase. I just used it when I went there. There are many kinds of fish in the aquarium. Of course, the most impressive one is the lovely penguin. After all, it is rare. But it's very cold there. It feels like it's in the freezer. You can also experience fishing inside. There are so many cute dolls that I couldn't help buying some, but they are basically made in China.

가이유칸 수족관
가이유칸 수족관
가이유칸 수족관
가이유칸 수족관
가이유칸 수족관
가이유칸 수족관

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