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'쥐쯔저우(귤자주)' 리뷰

작성일: 2020년 6월 3일



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작성일: 2018년 11월 25일
Orange Island, lying in the Xiangjiang River in Changsha City, Hunan Province, stretches for ten miles and is named for its rich oranges. Running Xiangjiang River from south to north, the river bed is wide, upstream and downstream oasis, only Orange Island with its huge land across the broad river, so it is also known as "land and water island". Spring, bright light, sand gulls dot; summer, eagle long sky, 100 sails race; autumn solstice, grapefruit yellow orange red, fragrant; deep winter, ice shearing, river wind and snow, known as "Jiangtian Dusk Snow" become one of the "Eight Landscapes of Xiaoxiang". Take the sightseeing bus to the last stop. The sightseeing bus has explanations all the way. It's really good to sit in the Thomas train and watch the scenery and listen to the explanations. Go straight to Mao Zedong's youth art sculpture, which stands at the head of Orange Island in Changsha. As the largest landscape project of Orange Island scenic spot in Changsha, Mao Zedong's youth art sculpture is based on the image of Mao Zedong in 1925. The statue has a total height of 32 meters, a length of 83 meters and a width of 41 meters. It highlights Mao Zedong's ambition and elegant image. It happens to be raining heavily. No matter from any angle, we can see that young Mao Zedong is resolute, steady, vicissitudes of life, and his heart is tied to the world. It is really shocking. The young Mao Zedong demonstrated that he was the one who changed the destiny of old China by pointing out the great mind and courage of Jiangshan. Looking at the orange grove beside the statue, there were plenty of fruits and grapefruit trees, and walking around the statue was not a worthwhile trip. We came to the Orange Island Scenic Spot in Changsha where we had to punch.
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