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'오아시스 스파 님만해민점' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 4월 11일

The environment is very good, there is a pick-up bus to the hotel to pick up and deliver, because the traffic jam to delay time and give gifts, very intimate, the comfort of massage is relatively good, but the per capita service of more than 600 RMB two hours, compared with the domestic high-end beauty parlors, personal feeling cost-effective may be better, but occasional experience abroad is also worthwhile.

오아시스 스파 님만해민점
오아시스 스파 님만해민점
오아시스 스파 님만해민점

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작성일: 2016년 9월 20일
Before making the strategy, I took SPA as the first-class strategy project, read reviews and comments on several websites, and finally locked in this oasis spa, which definitely made me feel worthwhile... This is Hermes in Chiang Mai Spa. That environment is absolutely complimentary. I didn't book in advance on the website. I went to the hotel and asked the front desk to make a reservation for me. The front desk boy made a phone call. It was very good! It will be said in advance that we will wait in the hotel lobby, and the spa club will send someone to pick us up. Sure enough, it will come on time. Very polite and courteous. Coming to the spa hall, it looks like Xiaozhuangzi. The layout inside is very fresh and elegant. The room is also filled with the delicate fragrance of essential oil. A Thai girl receives us from the front desk. I was surprised that there will be a little Chinese in the room. Cabinet service, soft voice _____________ After we thought about what we were going to do, we arranged us to go upstairs to the room. I had a special four-handed massage. From the beginning to the end, the gestures were gentle and the movements of the two people were the same. In the middle, we sometimes asked about the importance and so on. The service was very good. This four-handed massage was really very good... Suggest you to experience, about 500 + RMB an hour, after finishing there is a warm little dessert, and finally I am interested in their home's gold foil shower gel, so I bought two bottles for home use, a great experience, worthy of recommendation - (return will send us to the original hotel oh) service bar...
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