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'니더도르프 거리' 리뷰


작성일: 2005년 3월 19일

Soon you will be able to see the railway station again. But you don't come back, you cross the river from the bridge, and then we'll get to the old city. Niederdorfstr is a pub area in Zurich. It's all paved with small square stones. It's simple and nostalgic. Restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas and so on are all concentrated here, and they are very lively all day long. You can walk around, stop, or sit in a roadside cafe. Nearby there is a Predigerkirche, 97 meters, the tallest Church in Zurich, which belongs to Baroque architecture. The monastery attached to the church caught fire in 1887 and was rebuilt and now used as a central library.

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