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'응옥썬 사당' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 8월 3일

In the temple there is also a tortoise specimen recovered from Jianhu Lake in 1968, weighing 250 kilograms, which adds to the mystery of the legend of the tortoise in the lake. There were more local people when they came here.

응옥썬 사당
응옥썬 사당
응옥썬 사당

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작성일: 2017년 12월 13일
Yushan Temple is located on the small Yushan Island beside Huanjian Lake. The island is round and looks like jade, so it is called Yushan Island. The Temple is named for the island. The Yushan Island is connected to the lakeshore by a 40-meter-long Taigu Bridge. This temple was built in the late eighteenth century of the Li Dynasty. It is an ancient Chinese architecture. It is dedicated to Emperor Guan, Emperor Lu Zu, Emperor Chen Xingdao and Emperor Wenchang. Except for Chen Xingdao, the other Taoist gods were widely spread in China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Chen Xingdao is a famous general and national hero of the Chen Dynasty in Vietnam. He is also a god worshipped by Vietnamese witches. His original name is Chen Guojun. He has read many books since childhood. He is also skilled in military science and astronomy. He collects various military techniques and studies eight diagrams and nine palace maps. In the thirteenth century, he led the army to defeat the army of the Yuan Dynasty, so he was named King of Xingdao and regarded as a national hero. In Vietnamese people's minds, he is a powerful symbol to dispel evil spirits, and can cure women's infertility and dystocia. Yushan Island was originally the Diaoyutai of Taizu Li, and later the Guandi Temple was built. During the Ruan Dynasty, it was restored by Ruixi community believers. In the nineteenth century, Wenchang Hall was built by the imperial examination and the first literary organization Xiangshan Society. The island is covered with green trees and shades. There is a pen tower next to it, which is five-storey. The ancestral hall has three gates, halls, galleries and so on.
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