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'국립 박물관' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 10월 10일

This museum is worth visiting. It has a comprehensive display of the history of the Philippines. Some of its contents are related to China. As a maritime neighbour of China, the direct way to learn about this country is to visit his museum. It is not expensive to visit. Several floors are still being repaired, but it is enough to see for half a day.

국립 박물관
국립 박물관
국립 박물관
국립 박물관

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작성일: 2018년 6월 10일
In terms of personal experience, the National Museum of Manila should have three main components, namely, the separation of the Three Museums of History and Art from the Natural Museum. The National Museum on both sides of the Rizal Statue mainly exhibits works of art with oil paintings as the main framework of various historical nodes in the Philippines. The overall level is not high and the number is limited. Especially, many spaces are not open or a few oil paintings account for tens of square meters. In addition to the funds, the large exhibition hall really has to say that Philippine culture is too thin. Like us, the National Museum of the Philippines bears more of the history of the nation's blood and tears. It has repeatedly repeated centuries of colonial pain to its own people. There are traces of Spanish power and brutal acts of Japanese colonialism everywhere. Museum of Nature I can omit too much. When I went, more than half of the space was open and most of the precious fossil specimens were packed in a glass cabinet that I didn't know who moved it from. The tropical oceanic country consisting of more than 7,000 islands. In my opinion, the treasure of the town hall might be the skeleton of a giant crocodile. There were too many curiosities not shown to us. Technology and funding limited the Philippines. The right of pride. Finally, I would like to say that the Philippines is not a country that can compete with us for territory, whether national strength or national character. They are more like a simple and cunning lazy man. Under the chaotic public order, I see a wisp of knowledge-hungry purity in the museum.
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