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'난시강 풍경명승구' 리뷰


작성일: 2019년 2월 3일

Nanxi River, an indispensable point of Wenzhou, I came to Wenzhou for three days. The next day was Nanxi River - Shijiayan - Lingshang Family - Lishui Ancient Street. Nanxi River as the first stop was mainly drifting. There were several points in Nanxi River drifting. Actually, there were very few people in my time. Only I had no other tourists. The chartered driver said that many people met so few people for the first time in summer and in the off-season of winter. It's true that there are a lot fewer people, but the scenery is good and the number of people is not interesting. The two boats are two hundred. The more people there are, the more cost-effective they are. We are really losing money. The cruise ship lasts about half an hour. It's very quiet. The water is not deep in winter and it's very clear.

난시강 풍경명승구
난시강 풍경명승구
난시강 풍경명승구
난시강 풍경명승구
난시강 풍경명승구
난시강 풍경명승구

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