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작성일: 2020년 6월 2일



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작성일: 2018년 10월 29일
Longhu Mountain is free to travel. Take Bus No. 23 from Yingtan North Station to Yingtan Station, and then transfer to K2 Road to Longhu Mountain Tourist Center. The whole journey takes about 1 hour. In the tourist center, I got a 220 yuan package ticket online. On the back of the ticket, I got the tour route map of the scenic spot. I took the route from far to near, took the sightseeing bus of the scenic spot, and started the afternoon game. The first stop was Zhengyi. Zhang Tianshi was practicing alchemy in the sightseeing, while Dan Chenghu was practicing alchemy in the sightseeing. At the back of the sightseeing, it was Longhushan. Next to go to the Great Shangqing Palace, "Water Margin" for the first time, Captain Hong mistakenly released one hundred and eight monsters in the town demon well, which happened here in the Voldemort Hall. Play two places well, walk back to Shangqing ancient town, visit Tianshifu, stay in the old town at night. The next day, we took a bus from the scenic spot of Shangqing ancient town to the bamboo raft station. The boat raft tour of Luxi River was very good. The boatmen's free explanation of the scenery on both sides of the river was humorous and lively, which deserved praise. After getting off the raft, the fairy rock catches up with the halftime halftime performance, and the cliff tomb culture of Longhu Mountain is also a attraction of the scenic spot. Step out of Taohuzhou, take a sightseeing bus to the elephant trunk East gate, take the elephant trunk mountain trestle road, elephant trunk mountain shape lifelike, and walk on the high trestle road, dragon and Tiger Mountain Ghost axe magical Danxia landform is a glance, 1.5 hours journey, down the trestle road, step out of the bath fairy pool, there are still some time, then go to the mosquito-free village, small village, walk to the Luxi River, you can see Jiuhuyilong wall, overlook the immortals. City, the morning raft has also been here. Among the scenic spots of Longhu Mountain, Taoism mostly concentrates in the ancient town of Shangqing, while other areas mainly focus on the natural scenery with interdependent mountains and rivers. They also experience the way of mountains and rivers by visiting Longhu Mountain.
작성일: 2018년 1월 5일
Long Hu Mountain was called Yunjin Mountain before it was mythologized. Yunjin, naturally, is the image of Danxia landform here. As far as I know, there are Danxia Mountain in Guangdong, Jianglang Mountain in Zhejiang, Wuyi Mountain and Dajin Lake in Fujian, Qiyun Mountain in Anhui, Danxia in Zhangye, Gansu and Longhu Mountain in Jiangxi. Not many have been there. Qiyunshan has been there three times, visited Danxia in Zhangye in 2016, and recently visited Longhu Mountain. We arrived at Yingtan the night before and went straight to the theme after breakfast. Thirty kilometers, more than half an hour is enough. Because of navigation "Longhu Mountain", the car drives into the scenic spot in a muddle. If it were not blocked by the military forbidden area, I really want to find out where the "Longhu Mountain" place name is. Maybe we came too early and the staff were not at work, so we had a smooth journey. Unfortunately, without preparation and strategy, we can not rush like a headless fly in a large scenic area, so we have to drive out of the scenic area and find a tourist service center. But then again, people like me, even if they are familiar with the tour routes, can't do it. If they don't buy tickets, they will be in the back. When looking for the entrance to the parking lot, he was stopped by a 30-year-old cousin. Said that her home opened a hotel, just at the gate of the scenic area, lunch at her home, can save parking fees. The three elders had nothing to worry about, so they followed suit. After parking the car, the woman had to step in and said she had booked several more online tickets, asked us to help digest them, and promised to send them to the scenic spot before collecting money. I saw something strange and went straight into the ticket office. This is the gate of the Xianshuiyan scenic spot. I didn't expect a surprise when I bought the ticket. In the off-season, Anhui tourists are exempted from tickets, but the ferry, bus and bamboo raft drifting in the scenic area are unavoidable, and the fare is reduced from 260 yuan to 150 yuan. Fortunately, I was not fooled by that woman. Longhushan scenic spot seems to be divided into five parts, namely, Xianshuiyan, Xiangbi Mountain, Zhengyiguan, Shangqing ancient town and Xiangxi drifting. There is also a large-scale reality drama "Dragon and Tiger Mountain for Dream Seeking" staged every night at 8 o'clock in the village of No Mosquitoes. Xianshuiyan Scenic Area mainly consists of hanging coffin tombs and four coffin-raising performances every day. Because of the auspicious homonym, there are many viewers. We crossed to the other side at 9:40. The first performance at 10 was just right. We missed it because we didn't know it. The woman only told us that there was one at twelve. In fact, it was obvious that Xiaojiu in her heart did not want us to delay her lunch. Therefore, if you want to play well, you must take some time to do strategy. After all, it's not easy to go to a place and it's hard to have a chance to review. Search the bus stop along the wooden steps beside the scenic highway. Left hand leads to Elephant Trunk Hill. Listening to the woman's suggestion, she looked right. This is the place where Zhang Tianshi practiced alchemy in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The mountain behind the Taoist temple is Yunjin Mountain, which has been renamed Longhu Mountain because of the legend "Dancheng and Longhu present". There is a well in Guannei. It is said that Zhang Tianshi used the well water to make Dan. Watching by the well was a woman who said it was magical. Different people feel different when they put their hands on the well. Some people feel cold, some people feel hot, some people feel numb, I do not seem to feel. Out of a positive view, the old town of Shangqing continues eastward. The Tianshifu is under construction and has not been able to enter. In the old street of Shangqing, three people did not spend a penny. It was in the ancestral court of the Master of Heaven that I saw it.
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