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'마운트 페이버 케이블카' 리뷰

Flora Fu

작성일: 2019년 2월 15일

It's really convenient for Ctrip to buy tickets for these scenic spots, but can you provide a specific ticket collection address? Seek the psychological shadow area of a person who has lived in Singapore for 5 years! It takes more than 40 minutes just to find the ticket address. The following information summarizes that Harbour Front Departure 1. MRT Harbour Front Departure 2. exit B Harbour front centre 3. Harbour front tower (along the road there will be cable car signs) can be picked up on the first floor of Harbour front tower and scanned two-dimensional code to get it back and forth. Take the back elevator on the 15th floor and take the cable car to Sentosa Island. It's not difficult to find the address. It's cost-effective to search 3 Harbour front place Singapore 099254 for 130RMB. It's recommended to take the cable car to the island. The scenery along the way is good! Attached drawings

마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카

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