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'마운트 페이버 케이블카' 리뷰


작성일: 2017년 10월 2일

Booking tickets online beforehand will be much cheaper than buying tickets directly on site. Because I live on Sentosa Island, I chose Sentosa Station (Yingbiao Mountain Top Scenic Area) to change tickets. The cable car has two routes throughout the whole journey - Shengtaosha Line and Huabaishan Line. The interchange between the two lines is also very convenient. It is only five minutes'walk down. Along the way, you can overlook the whole Sentosa beach, which is rich in green plants and performed by the wings of time. It's very beautiful. I personally recommend Huabai Mountain, the top of which is fresh and should be a good place for the local people to walk on the mountain. In addition, Huabai Mountain has a corridor that can write down their wishes in bells and tie them to the fence beside the bridge. Some are like Barcelona's "Art Bridge" linking the left bank to the Louvre Palace. The difference is that people are locked.

마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카
마운트 페이버 케이블카

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