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'메이관(매관) 고도' 리뷰


작성일: 2015년 1월 29일

Meiguan is across Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces. Internet users who travel to the mountains in Guangdong Province have to buy tickets many times to cross the territory of Jiangxi. This does not know whether it is true or not. I haven't completely finished that section of Jiangxi, maybe half of it. Anyway, when it comes to the "Peony Pavilion", it turns back. Meiling is not really high. I started walking from the edge of the provincial highway to the gate of Meiguan scenic spot for about 30 minutes. The gate goes to Meiguan Guanlou without looking at the scenery. It's about 30 minutes (that's when I go down the hill). But it's hard to climb the mountain in the morning. Because of the heavy fog all night, the pebbles and gravels with a long history slip very hard. I'm afraid of slipping in my hiking shoes. The mountain road over Jiangxi is especially steep, so I chose to walk under the steps beside the Plum Pavilion. All the way is a step, tired but safe. It will also pass through scenic spots such as "Chen Yi's Hidden Place" and eventually arrive at the Peony Pavilion and walk back up the ancient road. In the afternoon, when the road was dry, it was easier to walk and go up the hill. The roads in Guangdong are relatively less steep, but also slippery. There are many small scenic spots along the way, with plum trees on both sides. It's very comfortable. Maybe it's off-season in the scenic area. There's no farmhouse fun. Keep your own dry food.

메이관(매관) 고도
메이관(매관) 고도
메이관(매관) 고도
메이관(매관) 고도

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