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'마리 마리 민속촌' 리뷰


작성일: 2018년 7월 8일

Mali Mali Cultural Village is a good place to learn about the indigenous culture. There are not many people. Generally, it is visited by Chinese tourists. Chinese people like to play sports as they know it. Different atmosphere will be very interesting. You can experience it.

마리 마리 민속촌
마리 마리 민속촌
마리 마리 민속촌

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관련 리뷰

작성일: 2017년 1월 26일
I think it's the most worthwhile place to go to. To really experience the local customs and understand the history and culture of the indigenous people is the biggest gain that I was very surprised by. On the contrary, I feel that the mangrove trip is totally inferior to this cultural village. You can see the local residents'boys and girls are very beautiful, with natural simplicity on their faces, very warm and lovely. Even the final performance is full of devotion. Tour guides themselves married to the local ethnic group and also talked about the traditions of that ethnic group. They introduced the traditions of killing heads, such as killing a lot of people before marriage to prove their strength; for example, thieves would be killed, and people would hang their heads on the roof, because they thought that people's minds came from the brain to deter intruders; for example, children born two months would be thrown into the child test. Try, those who can swim are considered to be descendants of their own race, and those who can not swim give up. Their husbands belong to this race. Now there is still this tradition, but they will not abandon their children, and so on. Many, many cultures we don't know and know. I strongly recommend going to this cultural village. Compared with the National Park, the mangrove is a bumpy two-hour drive, which is half an hour away. And the mountains are similar to the national parks. Suggestions are preferred. After the end of the coffee and tea and all kinds of fruit snacks enthusiastically entertained, the whole process without any consumption, is not the comment at all. In addition, after the performance, it is suggested to go up and take a bamboo pole dance with the young people. A very, very interesting three-hour cultural tour.
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