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'만타나니 제도' 리뷰


작성일: 2016년 11월 15일

There are many beautiful islands in Sabah. If time is limited, just choose Mermaid Island. About two hours'journey from the city to the island. Carsickness and seasickness are best prepared. The water here is so clear that any picture can be printed on a postcard, and all the PS mapping software can be crushed. Suggested friends to go to prepare more than 70 times sunscreen, must try waterproof type. Don't dive deeply for those who can't swim. Camera waterproof bags can be waterproof in shallow places. They may leak when they dive underwater. Because under water pressure, waterproof bags will flare up. Don't ask me how I know. Small shells and crushed corals from the seashore can be picked up, but don't take them underwater, they will be fined. Diving or swimming friends with certain risks should be cautious.

만타나니 제도
만타나니 제도
만타나니 제도
만타나니 제도
만타나니 제도
만타나니 제도
만타나니 제도

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