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'마노아 폭포' 리뷰


작성일: 2011년 4월 15일

For visitors to Oahu who are staying in or around Waikiki, Manoa Falls might just be the easiest to find, and most rewarding little hike in the area. Only a ten minute or so drive north from Waikiki, this approximately half mile long hike proceeds from the back of the lush Manao Valley to a spectacular waterfall. The trek is generally suitable to all comers, although it can get a little bit treacherous (to at least your footwear) after heavy rains. Still, heading up after some rain will ensure that the waterfall is cascading magnificently. More adventurous hikers can keep the fun going by proceeding along another leg of the trail that can be accessed at the falls and leads to the scenic Pauoa flats, but the experience of making it to the falls alone is more than worth the easy trip.

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